Wednesday, April 8, 2009

May you be in the Heaven of God.

I'm going to announce a very, very sad news. And I shall be very solemn about this.

A Taiwanese singer, that owns a very special , very sad voice, named 阿桑。 With her famous song 叶子, has passed away.

I feel really really sorry for her. The reason why she passed away is because she had breast cancer. And she is just 34 years old.

Many friends of hers could not take this news and they broke down. Even I could not believe it too!

I don't know her much, just know that her song 叶子 is damn nice and emo. I seriously love her voice.How can such a young and talented lady passed away just like that?! T.T...God is so unfair..

Breast cancer is really really dangerous, which reminds me to exercise whenever I am free.Some friends of mine cried when they saw her MV. *Seriously those who never heard of the song, go google it or download it now!!!!

And now she's gone..T.T..She's going to get married with her bf somemore! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN TO HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

To those couple out there, you must really appreciate each other.Who knows when is the last day you guys are together.....right?
Don't only appreciate it after you've lost it. No point crying over spilt milk.

R.I.P. 阿桑。


On the other hand, Alex asked me to check out his blog.

And I found this.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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